Trying to make a lunch with less waste?

I know that we all live busy lives and getting a lunch together for yourself or your family before work can be a challenge - well it is for me anyway! 

As someone interested in reducing the amount of waste I produced, I was quite embarrassed by the fact that the lunches I tended to put together (quite quickly!) involved quite a lot of waste.


Recently however, I came across some items that I feel have helped reduce, in a small way, the amount of rubbish (recyclable or otherwise) that I produce, while at the same time saving money and not taking any more time.

Reusable sandwich wraps are a really simple idea and so easy to use. They reduce the need for foil or plastic wraps on sandwiches and since I found out about these - all our family have sandwich wraps and reusable sandwich 'baggies", that reduce costs and waste.

While I know drinking water is good for you, I must admit it has never been my drink of choice. But I was presented with a health challenge of buying a good quality metal water bottle, to take to work and to encourage me to stay well hydrated. I was sceptical that this would make me any more inclined to drink more water, but I have to say that the metal bottle kept the water really cold and with it sitting on my desk, I actually enjoyed sipping it throughout the day. Again there is no waste, no plastic, less cost (than buying cans and bottles) and hopefully it helps me to stay a little healthier too.

Finally if water is definitely not your drink of choice and you like a take-away latte! Shops now sell reusable coffee cups with lids that you can take to be filled at your favourite coffee outlet (with your favourite coffee!).

While there are big steps that we can all make to help the environment, its great to find some simple changes that can save time and money and are easy to do too!