We all use water every day, and in Scotland we are not particularly short of it!

So why do we need to be extra careful about how much we use?

Water Use

Brushing our teeth, washing dishes, flushing toilets, grabbing a refreshing drink - we all use water without even thinking every day.


Our Planet

What can I do?

But nearly every drop in the UK is treated before and after we use it. This uses lots of different chemicals and energy in order to get water to our homes.

Across the planet, many people don't have enough clean water - or even enough water. Although many brilliant charities help with this.

When you brush your teeth or run water for your dishes, remind yourself of the energy used to get your water clean. Even turning it off or down a little every now and again helps a lot.

Find out about projects around the world through charities like Water Aid http://www.wateraid.org/uk